We know that all businesses operate differently and so all our packages can be tailored further to meet your specific needs.

This package is ideal for businesses with one or more of the following characteristics;

  •  Are not VAT registered
  • Are a new business
  • Are sole traders or partnerships
  • Have straight forward bookkeeping requirements
  • Want an effective bookkeeping service and to ensure they are fully compliant

What’s included in the Essential Package?

  • Processing all sales income: We input or import sales invoices for your customers and/or recording income you receive in other ways e.g. PDQ systems.  We record the income you have received in your bank accounts and other payment methods.
  • Processing purchase invoices, receipts and expenses: We enter all purchase documentation and ensure all transactions are coded to the correct expenditure code We mark those that have been paid in the bookkeeping software so you always know what is outstanding.
  • Bank payment processing: We go through your bank and credit card statements to process all other items which aren’t related to bills you’ve received. For example, debit card receipts, insurance payments, bank interest or charges etc.
  • Bank & credit card reconciliation: We make sure that all our transactions in the software match and are reconciled with your bank and credit card accounts. Your balance at the end of each month on these accounts must match.
  • Expenses processing: We process expense claims made by your employees and ensure the expenditure is correctly coded.
  • Monthly client report pack: Once bookkeeping for the month is fully completed, we provide you with a profit & loss report, balance sheet, debtors report and creditors report so you know how your business is doing and you can use this in your business decisions.
  • Year end pack to accountant: At the year end, we carry out year end checks and then provide your accountant with all the information they need to complete your year end accounts.  We liaise with your accountant to deal with any queries so you have a seemless service.

Essential Package Pricing (per month)

001-100 Transactions p/m  – £100+vat p/m

100-150 Transactions p/m  – £125+vat p/m

151-200 Transactions p/m  – £150+vat p/m

201-250 Transactions p/m  – £175+vat p/m

Software Set ups:

There are no fees where the client has existing software and this can be used.

£100 plus VAT is charged for a standard set up which includes
Establishing the financial settings and chart of accounts, setting up the basic sales invoice template, setting up bank feeds, importing customer and client information etc.

£175 plus VAT is charged for a more complex set up
This is where the transfer to the software is part way through a financial year, where there is stock to be imported or other such complexities.

Other services: Please chat to us if you need credit control, payroll, sales invoice generation, payment of suppliers on your behalf, budgets entered etc so that we can provide you with a price for these other services.

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